Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Psstt...It's Ray here!

Pssttt...Me again Ray Wattson and as usual I'm posting while Claudia is fast asleep.  The only difference is that it is 12:00am and on 10/7/08 which means it is officially Claudia's birthday.  So this post is written for her to see when she wakes up bright and early in the morning to post.



From Ray and all the HLA readers, we hope your birthday is as amazing as you are!

Each of your readers has decided to do a special RAK in honor of you.  Some have already been completed, others are doing theirs today, and some will be spread out over the coming days. So, whichever it is readers please post your RAK here so that Claudia can see what she has inspired.


Heather said...

Happy Birthday Claudia...hope your day is great!

cspagradstudent said...

Happy Birthday, Claudia! I hope you have an amazing day, because you deserve nothing but the best! My gift to you was sent out in the mail yesterday, and it includes my RAK details...I'll let you discover them when it arrives.

Cheryl said...

I just got a call from Ray. I could hear lots of talking and clinking going on!

Have a Happy Birthday Claudia!!

Quynh said...

Happy Birthday Claudia!!

Julie said...

Happy Birthday, Claudia!

Have a fantastic day :) Enjoy everything about your special day ... and I have no doubt that the number 43 will show its face today!!

highlowaha said...

Oh my gosh! I am truly speechless.

Of ALL the things that I could be met with on this day, (Ray, the RAK Project, and greetings so early in the morning) THIS is the most perfect! It is worth a million dollars in it's thoughtfulness. If I was told to pick out the perfect gift, I still wouldn't have thought of it!

To all the masterminds behind it and to all of you who squeeze in a Random Act on my behalf today, THANK YOU!

Now for my much less exciting post...

heather said...


Well, I've decided to really spread the Halloween cheer here in the apartment complex I live. So, over the past few days (and I'll continue to Halloween), I've been randomly leaving treats on peoples stoops which a note similar to the BOO note but with no expectation that they "pay it forward" because, of course, I did my two official boos and want to see if they will travel.

I saw the little girl down the walk find the treat on their step (because I left my blinds open so I could keep an eye) and she was giddy with glee.

Thanks for inspiring me CKB!!!

Peggy said...

mmmm, me me me meME!!! ahem...

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday.... Dear Claudia
Happy Birthday.... to youuuuuuu!!!

and many more!!!!!!!

azlori said...

Happy Birthday Womana! Hope you enjoy every minute of your day!