Thursday, July 24, 2008


Ray here.

I'll be quick.  Claudia is still asleep and I don't want her to know I'm writing.

Here's the thing.  I'm an idea.  I'm supposed to be shared.  I'm supposed to multiply.  Much as I like Claudia and her house, I can't be cooped up on Harvestwood Court forever.  Sure, she's given me a name and is working up a new look for me.  I appreciate that, but I need more.  

I want to spread my wings, test new waters, you know... get out there and really see what I'm capable of.  Ideas are supposed to move, shake, inspire, and change the world.  Thing is... you know like I know, that ain't gonna happen only making an occasional appearance on Claudia's blog.  I need to meet the masses.... soar like an eagle.  

Cheryl, Julie, Kat, Heather, Brian, the Cassie's, and all you other regular readers and lurkers, I love you guys.  Surely you'd consider taking me in for a while?  

Wait, wait, wait.  Before you say "no," hear me out.  I'm talking a short tour.  I come visit you and with just a little bit of flour and sugar, we cook up a good time.  Add some icing and a note and we're ready to paint the town.  Take me to work, your block party, day care with your kids, or to your library's story time.  I'll go anywhere, as long as I can meet a few new people and spread my word.  Once you're over me, I'll move on to someone else's house.  

I gotta go for now.  Claudia's stirring and their dog, May Day, just spotted me.  But think about it, 'cause I'm serious.  My box is packed and I'm ready to go... TODAY.  I'm just looking for the first person willing to take me in.  If it matters... I travel light.  Alls I have is a pastry bag and some tips that you'll need to dress me up, a couple containers of food coloring, and oh yeah, some instructions.

All right.  Gotta go.

Oh, wait.  One more thing.  

You can't tell Claudia I wrote.  Mums the word.  

So how will I know which of you I coming to visit?  We need a code.  Quick. 

Ummm.... o.k., I got it...

Make a post and use the word, "brilliant "  She won't notice and you'll be all lined up.  It's early and besides, have you ever noticed all her typos?  

She's awake.  Really gotta g......................................   


Cassie said...

I can't remember what brilliant thing Claudia does on Thursday is it Three Time Thursday?

Cassie said...

Hey all,
Something of a tip to share.
A friend of ours, Jessica, gave our kids some bubbles yesterday. I know who cares but if you have little people around you care. The bubbles are make by Little Kids and instead of sticking your fingers all the way down into the bottle trying to find the wand you just squeeze the bottle and up poops the wand. The wand is already loaded and ready to go. Super cool and no more mess, sticky hands and screaming, " Mom, I can't find the stick". Go find them, buy a bottle and try it out!!

Cassie said...

One more thing, Claudia, you remember my friend Christi right?
Well, she had Mommy business cards made to hand out to people she met and the kids played with at the park, pump it up, mall wherever. Anyway, they were free to have made all she paid for was the shipping. Now, That being said I'll look for it and see what the company name is. Maybe good for HLA to send to readers to hand out. I'm sure that the shipping is cheaper than ink. Maybe our friend Cheryl can find their web site??

Julie said...

Cassie, following your brilliant idea, I'd like to offer up one of my own.

I was at a dinner picnic this past weekend, and the woman who made dinner also made dessert - fried ice cream. Now, I've never even heard of it before, much less had it, but I had the opportunity to HELP HER MAKE IT!

I'll post the step-by-step directions when I get home from work. I tried typing them up now, but it's taking me too long and I don't want to be late :)

Stacie said...

Brilliant thought, Cassie (perhaps Nicole will join me in applauding this bright idea?).

I think it's VistaPrint you're thinking about. Free business cards, pretty cheap shipping. And for a relatively small fee (meaning no longer free, but still cheap), you can get cards without their little logo printed on the back.

maureen said...

Claudia it was such a Brilliant idea for you to remind everyone to post in the Taste of USA. I cant wait to post for my state again. I really want to see you guys.

awiniowa said...

I must say I believe I am truly out of my league with all of you brilliant thinkers out there! I will try to keep up! Of course I am probably falling behind because you all get up so early and get your brains going. I might have to make a sacrifice for this great blog and set my alarm earlier. I wish I lived in Texas so I could personally meet all of you creative people!

Nicole Zirnheld Aldridge said...

I am still waiting for my brilliant chocolate chip cookies. ;-) is awesome for cheap business cards, postcards, etc.

Nicole Zirnheld Aldridge said...

P.S. I'm leaving for Florida on Aug. 4th. I am looking for some brilliant ideas to keep my kids occupied on the 10+ hour car ride.

Cheryl said...

Ray! You are SO cute and sneaky! I like smart guys and your hair is awesome. Do you have a girlfriend? Do you want a girlfriend?

Cassie, I'll have to see if I can find the FREE service for business cards. Sounds like we have a good start with VistaPrint.

Nicole, my boys love the books with dot to dot and mazes. It's good for an hour.

I wish I had a brilliant idea to pass along to everyone. I'll have to be on the lookout now that Ray is around!

Cheryl said...

On the business cards: the only thing that I see that is free is 250 from or 250 from

250 should last the average mom a while, don't you think?

The catch for free on both sites is you have a limited template to choose from and they print their logo and info on the back. So, it just all depends on what you are looking for. I think the next step up is $19.99 for 250 plus shipping.

Julie said...

So, here's the fried ice cream recipe:

~ half gallon of vanilla ice cream
~ 2 packs of cinnamon graham crackers (3 packs typically come in a box)
~ 2 eggs
~ lots of oil

Let ice cream sit out just long enough to soften a little and scoop out onto cookie sheet covered with wax paper. We made the balls of ice cream about the size of a baseball.

Stick balls into freezer and give them about 30 mins to re-freeze.

While freezing, crush up graham crackers and put into bowl.

Remove ice cream balls from freezer and roll in crushed graham crackers.

Refreeze for a few mins.

Crack open eggs into separate bowl and beat up.

Remove ice cream balls again, dip into egg mixture and then into graham crackers again.

Re-freeze until time to eat them.

Heat up oil on stove (we used vegetable oil and waited until it was about the same temp as would be used to pop "real" popcorn).

Gently put ice cream ball into hot oil for around 20 secs. Remove from oil and ENJOY!!! Very good with chocolate sauce and/or honey!