Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Psst.  InauguRay here,

I'm getting too old for this.  Not as old as Cheney.  At least I'm not here in a wheelchair.  They pulled me out of Secret Service retirement to help out.  The good news is that they let me keep my boots.  What choice did they have.  It's not often that you need 20,000 Secret Service agents at one time.  I did have to promise to keep StingRay away.  Apparently, he was off his meds the last time he visited.  Claudia has him imprisoned in the guest bath of her house and is making him watch countless hours of CNN.  You probably won't hear from her today.  What with StingRay and the Inauguration......

It's funny, I reached into the pocket of my coat and pulled out a receipt.  The last time I wore this was 2001.  My Starbuck's Quad Tall 180 degree latte was $1.98 with tax.  Those were the days.  The Dow was soaring, oil was cheap and I was still bullish on my Beanie Baby retirement program.  I don't need to go into what's going on today.  It's too painful.  Let's look forward.  What's it going to be like at this time next year?  I'll throw some items out there and you give me your predictions.  Also, throw in an item of two of your own.  You know, case of Bon Bons, Bic Disposable Razors, diapers, or Midol.  I crack me up.  Crying laughing.  Speaking of tears, you should know that Onion beat Cayenne Pepper for Super Bowl Throw Down. 

Here we go.  Give me your predictions.

Gallon of milk
Gallon of gas
How many car companies will still exist?
Mortgage rates?
Obama's approval rating?

Uh oh, there goes a Streaker.  What it is about the Mall that makes people want to streak.  It's 25 degrees out here.  What's he think we're going to see?  Got to go.   Come back here Pee Wee!

Ray out.


azlori said...

Oh my! A streaker? What political statement is he trying to make? I do feel more at ease with you being at the Inaguration. Today will give the country a "Ray" of hope! Happy Inaguration Day HLA!

cspagradstudent said...

Just about 30 minutes ago, I woke up to the local radio guy asking the audience what gave them hope about today? What a wonderful thing to wake up to instead of the latest Hollywood gossip or even just the latest weather forecast....instead, people talking about hope!

That's what I feel like is different about today and what I feel like will be so different about a year from now. I feel like after today I actually have some hope again. Instead of my 22-25 year old friends sitting around talking about how we'd like to prolong our grad school programs because we're afraid of not finding jobs, instead of talking about getting denied for loans we need because we're too young and the market isn't strong enough to support us right now, and instead of talking about how bad it all is....I hope that one year from now, we are able to spend our time talking about how it's getting better, how we're not scared, and how we actually feel supported again. I hope there is better hope for the job market and people don't have to constantly live in fear of losing their jobs, and I hope that we still feel a glimmer of the 'hope' that we feel today.

Happy Inauguration Day, everyone!

PS. Happy Birthday, Ricky!

Julie said...

Oh RAY, you crack me up :)

Here are my predictions:

Gallon of milk - $3.79
Gallon of gas - $1.75
How many car companies will still exist? - Ford, Chrysler, and GM will still be here
Mortgage rates? - I don't have any idea about now or then
Obama's approval rating? - 80%

Also, unless someone else posted while I've been typing, AZ has 2 of the first 3 posts ... come on east coasters!! CASSIE P where are you?!

Happy Inauguration Day!

maureen said...

Well I wont make any predictions about prices... Im in NY so just double the winning prediction...

I could care less about the Inauguration (sorry Claudia) ! But at least I voted...... I just have way toooo much to do today and I know there will be a million recaps for the next month LOL......

I do however think that if Ray was running I would definitely vote for him. Hell I would even donate money to his campaign!!!!

Have a great day HLA and Have a Happy Birthday Ricky!!! Sweet 16.... and never been kissed... Somehow I am doubting that one..... Hes too cute! ( I do hope we are talking about the same Ricky LOL)

heather said...

Happy Birthday Ricky!!!! I can't wait to help you celebrate tonight!

Inauguration...I'm excited, not just for today but as Katie said for the hope it brings. I'm starting out 2009 with a house sale, a new daycare, a new president and most importantly NEW HOPE!!! I'm crossing my fingers that change is around the corner (though I know it will be awhile before real change cane be implemented). I'm hoping that others feel the same and start investing again which will boost the economy and we can start the UPWARD spiral.

As far as predictions
Gas: $1.58 (I never thought I'd predict that again!)
Milk: I have no idea we do Soy milk which I predict at $2.50 a half gallon
Car companies: I'm all about the free market but I hope these guys can pull through. So I'm predicting that Ford and GM make it through.
Mortgage Rates: I hope they stay low so we can make the most of things...but I'll guess 6.2%
Obama's approval rating: Unfortunately I think that people will expect change right away and will make an uneducated vote of disapproval...thus I think his approval rating will be lower than expected 60%.

Peggy said...

I'm not good at predictions, I only bet on a sure thing... I'd have to do some studies and statistics to fairly access the GNP...and the future forecast of a barrel of monkeys.... hee hee...

Well, for the sake of change, I hope the change will be a good change for all those who want to change....but for those who don't want to change, the change might not be a good change.

Approval ratings depend on which news show you watch. Also, prices too depend upon which part of the country you live in.

Maybe I'll weigh in on more later.

Cheryl said...

This is the comment I heard this morning in the office kitchen, "Those people should be in mourning." I just rolled my eyes and went to brush my teeth.

This is what I learned from this election. I say I'm an Independent because I support issues from both parties. I hate the back-biting and name calling. Stop complaining about what is wrong and start working on the problems. I struggled with who I would support this year and often said I didn't like either candidate. But what I realized as I watched the concession and accpetance speeches was that it wasn't that I didn't like either of them, it was that I LIKED both of them.

The fact is that Obama won. He is our President and deserves our support. I hope that we haven't put him so high on the pedastal that when we start to knock him off (because I can't remember a President that we didn't bash) we aren't too sorely disappointed. I do have hope for better times. Stepping off the soap box.

Gallon of milk - I'm not sure what is now... I'll just guess $3.25 in 2010.
Gallon of gas - $1.75
How many car companies will still exist? All of them.
Mortgage rates? 6%
Obama's approval rating? 87%

Tera said...

Wow...for those of you who gave predictions, I'm surprised by the approval rating of Obama. I think it'll be high, but those are REALLY high I think. It's America...land of the i'm-unhappy-it-can-always-be-better.

I, however, am very hopeful for the future of America. I think Obama is going to make a lot of positive changes over the next 4 or 8 years. I have faith again in America...and hopefully soon in the economy. Today is the day that allows Treye and I to someday tell our kids THEY can grow up and be president...and really mean it!

I'm not normally in to politics but today is different for some reason. I don't work and am about to go plant myself in front of the TV until we go out to dinner with friends tonight.

Have a good day everyone!

Misty said...

Ray cracks me up...Happy Inaguration Day HLA! Hope is a wonderful thing to have and I have lots of it. Somedays it keeps me from going coo coo for coo coo puffs. Lets hope for a better year!

Gallon of Milk..$3.88

Gallon of gas...$1.89

Car companies..I believe GM will hold there own (HOPE...My Dad, Stepdad, Grandfather, Uncles have all retired from GM)

Mortgage Rates...6.3% Hope for a good one. We may try to sell and buy this year. We will see?

Obama's Rating...75%

cassie p said...

Julie! I am posting late because RAY was too slow this morning and hadnt posted before I left my house at 7:30EST!!!

Alas, now I am here! NOT watching the inaguration (or didnt, it might be over now). I would have had class, but most were cancelled on account of the inaguration. BUT mine was cancelled because half the class didnt have the book we were supposed to start as our bookstore had not bought enough. Either way, I had other stuff to take care of at school when it started. I will catch up on it later, as it will be replayed all day; and someone has it up on youtube already im sure!

I'm not going to make any predictions, because I have no idea! I just hope, like all the rest of us, that the economy gets better, and that Obama ends up bringing good changes. Even though I didnt vote for him, he is our president, and I will pray for him to make the right decisions as leader of our country.

Anonymous said...

Gallon of milk - $3.50
Gallon of gas - $2.50
How many car companies will still exist? - 2
Mortgage rates? 7%
Obama's approval rating? 68%
paperback - $12