Wednesday, December 31, 2008



HooRay.........yeah baby.  New Years.....Times Square.........Whoooeeee Whooo.  It's 19 degrees.  Who's bright idea was it to come down here with no coat?  Look at this guy.  Hey dude, Big Brown is looking for his teeth.  Freak.  This place is crazy.  Sorry I'm late.  Kathy Griffin attacked me.  Thought I was limelight.  I could have stayed home and gone to Claudia's kid party.  I heard it was insane.  Claudia had three glasses of champagne.  I'm guessing she'll be out till tomorrow evening.........light weight.  

Since it's 2009, why don't you tell me nine things that you're looking forward to this year.  I'll start:

1.  Hair plugs
2.  An aspirin for my head and my 401k
3.  Change I can believe in
4.  A cute little incandescent thing
5.  My own show
6.  Shadowboxing
7.  Clapper parties
8.  The Shining 2
9.  A link between LEDs and cancer

Here's some shots of Claudia and the gang before she got her drink on.  That many kids amped up on sugar with noise makers would make anyone drink.  Give me Times Square every time.

Happy New Years.  HooRay   Out.


azlori said...

Nine things huh....thats a tuffy at this hour of the night....
1. starting my masters...maybe
2. seeing how things go with new leadership in the white house
3. turning 40...might as well look forward to's going to happen whether I want it to or not!
4. finding a cure for teen-ager-itist!
5. continuing to work with students with autism
6. hopefully get back to a consistent work out routine
7. being a good friend to all who need it
8. doing some fun R.A.K!
9. continiuing to be a part of HLA!

Stacie said...

1) Having Lucian's last surgery behind us in just one week (for a couple of years, at least)
2) Getting my Etsy shop up and running--details to follow later
3) Lucian's birthday party
4) Teaching my first Lamaze class & passing the Lamaze certification exam
5) Obama's leadership and vision
6) Enjoying all of Lucian's moments and milestones, big and small
7) Reconnecting with my hub
8) A long-overdue family vacation
9) Paying it forward (Thanks to all the people who helped my family in 2008!)

Heather said...

1-Watching Lily continue to grow much fun!
2-Selling our house!!!!!
3-Truly settling in to Texas...buying a home.
4-Turning 30...I'll go with this one in honor of Lori embracing her age.
5-Getting a year behind me at my new job
6-Travelling to see family and having them travel to see us
7-Obama being in office and hopefully setting us on course
8-Getting debt paid off (pending a sale of our house of course)
9-Spending time with HLA!!!!

Cheryl said...

1. Yeah, okay. I'll join in- turning 40.
2. Taking the boys on 2 vacations to the river this summer- one with my extended family, one with a high school friend.
3. Floating in my pool this summer. Maybe actually have that shark party.
4. Getting some house repairs done... a/c, garage door, paint exterior, sprinkler system, etc...
5. Staying out of debt.
6. Organizing my junk room so that it isn't a junk room anymore.
7. Crossing fingers... buying a new car.
8. Creating new art including Ray.
9. Highlowaha!

cassie p said...

ive already shared these really...
1. spring break cruise with friends
2. mom's 40th bday
3. graduating college
4. becoming an RN
5. possible new relationship
6. friends' weddings
7. hoping for a new car
8. moving out!
9. more HLA!

b.k.root said...

1. Losing some weight - i hope
2. Potential new job search
3. A little more reading and writing
4. My little sister graduates from high school
5. My 3rd Habitat for Humanity Spring Break trip to Walton County, FL
6. Visiting family and friends more regularly this year
7. Being best man in my friend, Jason's, wedding
8. Trying to pay off my Best Buy credit card
9. MORE FUN in my life!

highlowaha said...

My turn. 364 days ahead of me and so much to look forward to...

1. Watching my boys learn new things.
2. New professional opportunities.
3. Spending more time relaxing with my husband.
4. Chipping away at making our home feel more settled.
5. A family vacation
6. Visitors to our home
7. Getting rid of things I don't need or use.
8. Putting words to paper.
9. Thinking Big with my fellow HLA readers!

Kristen Giger said...

1. Becoming a better wife
2. Becoming a better mother
3. Returning to Yellowstone with my new family
4. Watching Jennifer grow
5. Hunting season (archery and rifle)
6. Fishing season (particularly ice)
7. A better outcome for a PSU bowl game next year AND A better offensive line for the steelers (although they're not looking tooooo bad now)
8. HLA
9. More great research into radio waves and cancer from a hometown guy.

eknoxuk said...

1 Cabo with the girls!
2 Feeling the kicks of two babies!
3 learning what life will be like with 5 kids under 5
4 enjoying spending time at home growing closer to my husband
5 starting more schoolwork with kiddo #2
6 the improvement of joke telling for my 4 yr old
7 narrowing down my friends to the true friends
8 Growing closer to God as I rely on him more
9 the adventures I don't even know are in store!